$ystem$ Of Romance (SillySlang Version ~;^)

    HEY! =D If U don't look like the gals pictured on the pages HERE or HERE but no some1 who duz (yes eYe like 2 tYpE silly ~ fingurz need 'ennertain mint 2 ~;) feel free 2 send them my way! =:-o There's no way more AWESOME! =8^) BTW: I like sex a lot, morning & night & more, so tend to wear gals out ~ like it's too intense for them. If you think I'm cool except for that maybe find other gals like yourself and share me =D For example if you only like sex about twice a week you would just need 6 others & everybody is having lots of fun! ~;-D You decide. 4 a 'slang free' version of this thread, click HERE. I'm all about flexibility =)

DOUBLE BTW: I get TONS of spam. To help me avoid that sort of thing you must do three things when mailing me for the first time:

1) Include word 'Sleek' followed by the title of this ad in the subject line (spam filtering).

2) Also do not bother asking for me to call or text or send to a different E-Mail address other than the Craigslist one provided.

3) You must include a photo of your face, and full length ones of your entire body, not just the torso (or a link to your photos on a free site like 'picsurge', etc.)

~~> If you do not do these three things I will know you are a spammer and not bother reading or replying to your message. You can E-Mail me at "balkanguy (at) live (dot) com" (spam filter)

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~ Stuff I like (included examples linked above = HERE & HERE) ~

    TRUMP fans ~ YAY! =D No 1's perfect but he seems at least slightly less corrupt than the rest. Is he a $hill like he was against Ron Paul 2X B 4 promoting 'official losers'? The "only need a thousand" line he repeats about the wall is $uspect, as that leaves 956 miles of gaps ~;-P Really what the world needs is me as dictator! =D I would start by outlawing digital guitar distortion like in Kemper, Line 6 & others (oh gawd, sounds so baaad! =)) I'd make 'em use TOOBZ! At least then things would SOUND better. GR8 guitar tone = so important ~;-D

    Hey if things get much worse in the USA there's always Russia = 11 time zones of mud, ice, & boozy sluts ~;) I can convert them! "All U Need Iz Kok" (aaah men). But U must B careful of 'The Perfect Woman Mask'. 2 words: Oksana Gregorieva HAHA ( = interesting story = a set up by Russia's biggest pimp, Peter Li$terman, 2 hurt Mel 4 his 'politically incorrect' ideas).

    Oh yeah ~ back 2 girly bits...

Some1 who luvz 2 love & B lurved ~ lovy dovy fluffy poofy sweetie boobily winky wink...

Tall, Deep & Durable (me yin/yang is 'bout 8'2"), with strong, very long legs, tiny waist, & big perky a$$ & boobs =;-]

Big alligator mouth & pretty smile, & loves ramming stuff down her throat ~;-D

Super passionate 'touchy feely' type into lots of hugging & kissing & all that good stuff.

Long Medusa braids (preferred), tho' wavy, twisty, & other long styles can B kewl 2.

Fun & nice personality with logical, consistent attitude. Clever a + of course.

Likes 2 wear heels & teenie mini skirts & tight girly stuff so random strangers grow wood staring at her naughty bits = FUN FUN!

A girl who's favorite hobby is 2 C how much she can get off, morning & night & then some =8^D____|____?

Dedicated 2 dietary & lifestyle discipline 2 stay fit & trim & healthy 4 decades of hot nazty sexxx ~ MMMMM

~ Really at heart I'm a true romantic, so DO ME NOW!! =:-o

Don't resist, or I'll play an album like 'Taxi' by Brian Ferry & make U my 'Lurve Slave' =)

Note: Lots of gals don't actually like guys but just pretend they do 2 get stuff, like selling 'lease contracts' ( = trolling 4 doodz 2 divorce or 'trade up'), or being skimpy with affection (dating like 'interviews' 2 get maximum product 4 minimum love), so it's good 2 weed those out.

    About 'Me': My fave hobby is my lover turning me on like a switch & using the raging hard on she gives me & all the rest 2 make her lose her mind. My fave chik was sort of a curvy hour glass 6'1" version of Brandy Norwood (brownie / real estate lawyer) & my 2'nd fave was an Italianish athlete (beige / dance teacher). C photo examples by clicking HERE & HERE. If U dig wat U C & look similar to these kinds of gals, mail me 4 more details n' such. Tall & athletic is ideal. Responses without face n' full length bod pix will B ignored (spam filter). Lots 2 share! =8^) 4 Kix I also attached some arty things I did U can C by clicking HERE = IMHO 2 kewl wen blone up YUGE ~ 'neon-psychedellic'?? Yea' I like 'stoner metal' 2 but not into drugs at all, or 'dystopia'. OK maybe a little ~ kind of exciting 2 C all the $cams! ~ so DOOM metal is a MUST! "In hopelessness enlightened" ~ how 'dramatic' LOL. I'm a health nut really. So fun 2 bonk & snuggle & bonk some more! WaveLess type WaterBeds R even more awesome = like floating in heaven together = WoW. ENJOY!

Click Or Treat ... Choose your doors & explore!

~ Trinity Of Perfection ~

Love is beautiful on the inside.

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