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Hey! =D

    Wanna' make lots of cash? U can keep most of it. Maybe you can be my modeling / performance agent or find me some? =) Y'all can find me 'moduleing' jobz! When I advertise in the (straight) personals section of Craigslist or on social media sites 4 kix (hey it's free) I unintentionally get a lot of mails from fags (guys), who troll those sections & tell me they think I look great, etc.. Maybe they R exagerating or somthing ~ who knows, but it seems there is a market for me modeling in gay magazines and events or whatever like fashion shows or gawd knows. Lot of the guys who approach me R models themselves. I think modeling would also be GR8 'kuz gives me more reason 2 exercise & maybe even get into body building or something =)

    When I worked @ a fancy high end audio shop in San Fagcisco years ago they would also pimp me out to customers 2 go hang out with them after work. Not by force ~ I saw it as free food & stuff. I would never touch them or N E thing & they would buy more fancy expensive equipment like huge powerful towering 'penis speakers' & home theater setups 4 their 'Man Caves'. They liked 2 hang out & take me 2 fancy restaurants & pretend I was their big sexxxy date, yakking about gear & whatever LOL!! Maybe it's a an indicator there is a business opportunity to model? Hell even if I'm all scruffy haggard with a beard like not even trying 2 look sleek & out at a buffet diner some sweater-wearing Aryan office slave queer follows me into the bathroom & tries 2 chat up how he likes corn dogs LOL!! I mean it's creepy yea' but who cares? I ain't some psycho commie-tard suicide lezzy wench who acts all 'triggered' or whatever.

    I am NOT gay, so I really only require I am always portrayed as masculine and cool, not dopey or goofy (like I will NOT dress up in 'girly' outfits like a tranny or do 'dorky' things in photos ~ unlike even many celebrities do groveling 2 HollyWierd) & of course no sexual style touching between me and the guys. Like for instance they cannot put their arm around my waist or something 'date style' like that. I don't care if I am nude or partially nude or whatever or even with an erection as my weenie is quite nice & I'm happy 2 show it off 2 help make the world a more sexxxy place (about 8" long by about 2" wide). If U R over 18 years old & want photos of it 2 judge, E-Mail me. I just don't give a $hit who looks at me and I think modeling would be a great opportunity to meet more pretty gals! =) It puts lots of quality photos 'out there' for them to check me out. I don't really care about money so long as my travel & expenses are covered.

    Feel free 2 forward this information around 2 all your ghay friends or whoever & C what kumz up! IMHO the coolest thing modeling (for me personally) would B 2 lounge around with a bunch of hawt babes @ my feet (women =) ~ like Obsidian maidens with Medeusa braids = snakes & whips 4 hair... gazing up @ me & basking in my light as they grab my legs & stuff & I'm stroking them like pets LOL!!

    Live sex performer would also B a fun job, like with a rotating harem of gals so we can get 2 know each other & have lots & lots of orgasms! =8^D____|____? I like 2 go like 3X a day ideally... morning, night, & then some! I do prefer tall black gals as some of them got awesome bods & R really nice & tend 2 B more durable than other women which is GR8 'kuz I like 2 keep going!

    It's kind of a drag when U R cuddling with a girl after she says she is starting 2 hurt so U have 2 stop but U got another raging hard on ready 4 action =)) In a harem can move on 2 the next chik or if she's a size queen bonk some more! My fave gal was basically a 6'1" curvy hour glass version of Brandy Norwood. I loved her so much! =) There R many types of 'perfect galz' out there & I think maybe the 'perfect girl' 4 me is black? She was such a FREEEK! =D She turned me on like a switch, over & over. I've never come so much! What a sweetheart. It was a while back & she's chunky & haggard now tho'. Y isn't love enough? Many people don't last. Enroll in my Teenie Tummy Academy & visit my 'Fit Life Hax' 4 trix 2 fix! No1 needs 2 get all mad saying 'Thanx 4 calling me chunky' or whatever. Love, the problem isn't what I say. The problem is you're putting 2 much food in your mouth! It'll B a cold day in hell when I end up chained 2 some chubster =))

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