Happy Birthday Cinema-Venture! =8^D

In 2daze epic saga, BobbyBunny battles badass challenges =)
Our tail starts with Bobby doing the Happy Grass Boogie,
& all is swell in RabbitTopia.

"MMMMM, MY FAVorite!" =D

Tha party has just begun,

But the BogBunnies smell the sweets & want a taste!

& as we all know, they won't stop there. WHOA NO! =:-o

They R under contract W/Monsanto 2 breed evil ZomBunnies! ~;-P

Those who survive R then fed toast & eaten by robots! ~;-P

A lucky few get 2 B Minions Of The Appocalypse, workin' 4 'Tha Man' ~;-o

But most R just banged into felt & sold as cheap gifts 4 the Walmart Masses =D

Other times things go awry & they end up a little a' BOTH =))

It can seem all hope is lost, but the affliction will pass..

& return 2 tha' grass...

Ready & new 2 take on the WERLD!

Or B recaptured & turned into puppets,

Or flattened into coshions 4 fat cat's fat asses.

Or abducted & sold as kinky sex slaves on the black market (OH my my).

Yet still the brave bunnies struggle on & fear no challenge!

Their boundless bounce even harnessed as power source 4 flying saucers!

It is said we mere humans R descended from noble AlienRabbit hybrids.

~ Sliced & Diced & Thrice As Nice ~

Sometimes I wonder...

Click Or Treat =) ... Choose your doors & explore!
What challenges await our furry friends?

All around the world

The saga continues =D

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