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    I come up with lots of kewl ideas & have listed some of them in links below. If you like any of them for purchase or to work together or whatever, feel free 2 contact me before moving forward. This will help you avoid troubles with copyright and patent conflicts as I'm not greedy & I'm happy to contribute so we can all share the joy! =D I add more things as I find time and those 'in process' have an '@' symbol in front of them to let you know it is simply there as a 'place holder' & the page(s) will be available in the future, so you might want to check in weekly.

    If this 'Idea Tree' page gets super long down the road I may separate it into different pages by category. To start I put a list of topics below & some information about me, & you can also contact me via E-Mail at "balkanguy (at) live (dot) com" (spam filter). You may find this site unusual in the artistic style & slang of it & I hope U diggit = BIG FONT & easy layout 4 N E device (phone, tablet, etc.), + more entertaining & 'edgy' than the typical 'technical' routine yes??? It also makes it a lot more fun 2 write 'kuz I'm not havin' 2 B X-tra careful how 2 FRAZE n' talk all 'scientifickey' & instead can B more 'texty/chatty' 4 fun ~ but fear not! I look GR8 in a suit & I'm REEELY smart & can also do the dry & clinical/cynical 'Corporate Borg' dance as desired or required, such as THUS <~~ Klikit! It's fun 2 B a lil' Twilight Zone ~;-) Have a ride! Oh & BTW: Paul Rand is not really my name ~ woo mysterious =)) My real title is 'Sir Groovatron' ~;D

~ Topic Index (Klik Lynx Or Scroll On 4 Stuff) ~

Audio Gear = 4 Home, Commercial, & Other

Video Gear = 4 Extra Awesomeness

Musical Instruments N' Partz = 4 Better Noyzez

Fun Novelties = 4 Groovy Giggles

Politicky Sticky = Illuminatti Confirmed =:-o

Philosophy = Universal Truth

Health & Wellness = Adapt & Survive

Fashion & Function = SexxxyKewl clothing concepts

Site & Social Media Ideas = World Domination Assured! ~;-)

MEEE!! =8^D____b____?

Lurve Machine$ = Harem Babez 4 Bizzy Boyz

Idea Train = Hop On Board 4 Increased Performance!

Entertainment Concept$ = Media Awe$omeness!

Hardware Concept$ = Toolz 4 Tha' Job

$oftware Concept$ = $oftwarez 4 Hardwarez

Mystery Doors 2 Explore = The adventure begins!

~ Audio Gear = 4 Home, Commercial, & Other ~

Tubular Speakers = SOUND like $20k+ speakers but 1/10 the price! =) 2 C a photo click HERE.

@Linaeum-ish Tweeters = Cheap AND Super-Natural Sound =)

@Dipole Speakers = Sound GR8 + look like wall art 4 stealth bliss

@UltraPhones = Deep & natural-sounding in-ear headphones

Neptune Holographics = Past site with GR8 media gear concepts. Click HERE if U want 2 jump 2 main home page.

High End Theater Tips =) = Interesting shopping facts (some obsolete). See also Cool Tools & Video Monitors

Ampz! = Info: Cheap & light weight but lack detail compared to 'regular' types (did not end up using).

~ Video Gear = 4 Extra Awesomeness ~
Mix & combine these features 4 even MORE success!

@GammaCam = Compact camera with cutomizable gamma curves

@SteahthVideo = HIGH QUALITY HD VIDEO camera designed to look like small cheap 'obsolete garbage' still camera nobody cares about =)

@HDRemote = Tiny wireless or USB wired QUALITY HD VIDEO camera 'capture' module with customizable tablet/phone recording software

@StealthZoom = For use with 'HDRemote' module, a vertically-oriented zoom lens assembly with smooth tilt & rotation & right angle mirror designed to look ike a thermos

~ Musical Instruments N' Partz = 4 Better Noyzez ~

@Speed Bass = Long scale 6 string fifths tuned instrument

@Span Ninja Strings = Long scale fifths tuned 6 string sets

@ReTuner = Customizable real-time digitally retunable stringed instrument

@Electric Saz = With modern 'guitar-like' design for better playability

~ Fun Novelties = 4 Groovy Giggles ~

@Visions! Spectacles = Glasses that give you VISIONS! =:-o Sexxxy silhouettes, flamingos, faces, weenies, money, religious symbols, cartoon characters, etc.

@Custom Wine = Kit to combine flavors to create your 'perfect' creations. Can also do kits for beers & other boozes. I will need some help on this 1 as I don't drink so all forms of wine taste like Windex to me =))

@GeezerVille = Comedic Collectables ~ Old folx doin' 'young' things

@Electric Saz = With modern 'guitar-like' design for better playability

~ Politicky Sticky = 'Illuminatti Confirmed' =:-o ~

@Clump $cams = Nobody's perfect! Even Mr. Clump

@Political Physix = Newton's 3'rd Law Of Corruption

@WESTERN Terrorism = A partial catalog of 'official lies' & how 2 translate N E & all BS & cliches into plain English

@Suicide Culture = Born 2 die in The Cult Of Fail ~ easy 2 join

@N E 1 but YOU = Don't say it! WHOA NO! =:-o

@Alternate Religionz = Not wat U think

@Simple Solutionz = 'Kuz that's all it takes!

~ Philosophy = Universal Truth ~

@NatureFux = Nature Doesn't Give A Fuk

@Infinite Eternal = It never started. It was always here.

@Hard Core Space = Space Is Hard Core.

@Abiogenesizim = Life itself does not need 2 B 'seeded'

@Fancy Monkeez = B what U R

@Tran$latatron = WATT do U say?

@Don't B Sad = Nobody cares! =))

~ Health & Wellness = Adapt & Survive ~

@Boozie = Get off the bottle & get on MEEE! =8^D

@B Binary = U R either alive or U R dead = DUH!

@Esteem = WTF!?

@Discipline = $ ain't jak W/out tha' bod

@Poison & Mutilation = How 2 avoid being destroyed

@HawtDiet = Foodz ta' make ya' LOOK yer' best

Teenie Tummy Academy = 'Kuz a WAIST is a terrible thing 2 WASTE! =B^) Sign up 2day 4 extra hawtness!

@Immortality = How 2 get closer ~;)

~ Fashion & Function = Access The World! ~

@Fashion Function = What is 'Fashion'?

@Don't Pay 2 B Ghay = We're not out 2 B ghay

@Skirt Rewlz! =) = Laws of sexxxyness

@Heelz = How hi N' how sly

@Topz! =) = Girly things

@TTees = Tapered T-Shirts (4 doodz)

@Distance Shooz = Long lasting, fast tracking

~ Site & Social Media Ideas = World Domination Assured! ~

@YourSpace = A space 4 YOU

@EveryBody = Compete 2 WIN!

MEEE!!_=8^D = My Modeling/Performance Home Page

B My Agents! = Spammer fags & others, pimp my modeling!

Face Time = More Photos of MEEE! =8^D

More Details About Mois = I'm part French ~ Oui Oui!

Romantix = $ystem$ Of Romance ~;o)

2Romantic = $ystem$ Of Romance (SillySlang Version ~;^)

~ Lurve Machine$ = Harem Babez 4 Bizzy Boyz ~

Pilar in Cordoba = Hawt Baby-Maker #1. Want to add your profile? E-Mail me at "zhotness (at) hotmail (dot) com"

Romanian Maids = Hawt Euro-Latin-Gypsy Sleek! Want to add your profile? E-Mail me at "zhotness (at) hotmail (dot) com"

Want to add your profile?
E-Mail me at "zhotness (at) hotmail (dot) com"

~ Idea Train = Hop On Board 4 Increased Performance! ~

@SunBrella = Square umbrella with solar panel surface for powering cameras and other devices on the go

~ Entertainment Concept$ ~
A Fountain Of Media Awe$omeness!

Artisticness = Some 'Neo-Psychedelic' Art I Made =B^) Contact me for more samples if you want to buy large or printed versions or spon$or custom projects.

@The Mad Upsampler = I can make your SD & unnatural HD content look AMAZING!

BunnyVenture! = The eternal saga of fuzzyness

@Terroir = Epic wine conspiracy action adventure

@Silent Baguette = U can't escape the laid back French hit man =:-o

Josette = The curse of devotion?

@Stella = Do U wanna' ride in my Mercedes boi?

@The Grampire = He don't need teeth to suk U BLOOD!

@Tales From $camZon = Journey 2 the other $ide of tha $un 2 C watz goin DOWN!

@Chance = Bored alien clowns do N E thing 4 kix

~ Hardware Concept$ = Toolz 4 Tha' Job ~

@Song Tablet = With GOOD STEREO $ound & real USB =8^D

~ $oftware Concept$ = $oftwarez 4 Hardwarez ~

@Gallery Grabber = Enhancement of 'TumblOne' 2 DL more sites =8^)

@GloriOS = The OS Ov PurrFek$hown

@Splineifier = Natural images with smaller file size

@MPC+ = Media Player Classic + Many Extras =)

~ Mystery Doors 2 Explore ~

Door #1 = Say 'Aaaah' =8^D

Door #2 = Bio-Hydraulic Bliss

Door #3 = Flexible Sexables

Bunny Botz! = WATCH OUT! =:-o

Wolfie! = ArrOOOOO!!

Ninjaz! = Where every1 is evil, & every1 getz skrood

Style! = Better uses 4 chairs

Trinity = Ov PurrFuk$hown

Click Or Treat ~ Choose your doors & explore!

All around the world!

Is there no end to the awesomeness?

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