HEY! Some info about ME =8^D

~ Side-Wise ~

    I'm interested in modeling & performing. It's lots of fun I explain with picture examples HERE. Some more details about me: Height: 6'2". Weight: About 190 pounds? I don't actually know =)) I mainly try to keep my waist trim & the rest follows. Weenie: about 8" (length) x2" (width), when I'm frisky. Nude stuff is fine by me. If you are over 18 years old you can E-Mail me for photos. I look better nude IMHO ~;-). I also got some flaws, like my nose is slightly to one side & my ears are not perfectly even. Also my chest goes in a bit & bottom ribs stick out a bit. If that stuff is important for you to fix I'm up for that if you foot the bill. I don't want to look like somebody else. That's a $cam. I'm fine just tweaking out the flaws. No biggie! =D I'm also super intelligent, but nobody's perfect. Some gals think I'm gorgeous. Some don't like me at all. Everybody has their style preferences. Click HERE to learn more about mine. I'm a very creative person & have lots of cool ideas you might like to roll with too! My look is maybe a bit on the unique side so an 'acquired taste'? I would say the same about 'Obsidian Maidens'. Black beauties are my favorite! =D

E-Mail me at "balkanguy (at) live (dot) com"

Go Medusa! =D

I'm Welsh, German, & French.
Would B fun 2 work with sexxxy exxxotic ladies.

Good to stay fit for work as a space man ~

~ 4 spacious beauties ~;-)
Turn Me On Like A Switch!

Oh Baby! =D

If only they came in !CHROME!

Black Beauty SLEEK!

Bask in the DejaVu-Ness...


Click Or Treat (Round 2 =) ... Choose your doors & explore!

All around the world!

Is there no end to the awesomeness?

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