HEY! Many say I could/should model =8^D

    Heya! =8^D Would B GR8 2 perform 4 U! = load$ of fun $hown here with many arti$tic example$. I have a flexible 'Mediterranean' look & can pass well 4 lots of things in a variety of settings & outfits, like in a beard I look so different! =:-o Really though I'm just an big black Amazon lesbian trapped in a hot white guy's bod (JUST FOOLING! =)) My fave gal was black though. She was AMAZING! I can look Chechen ('Caucasian'), Armenian, Kurdish, varioius 'Middle Eastern' (Arabs), Jewish, Turkish, Greek, Balkan, Italian, French, Spanish, Welsh ~ etc.. Click HERE for more 'Dramatic' face photos or HERE for more details about me. I've not acted B 4 either but I'm up 4 that. Maybe a good 'Evil' dood or something? I'm reminded of guys in French films like 'District 13' or 'Chrysalis'. Others say I look like the guy in 'Amélie'. Some gals think I look GREAT! E-Mail me at "balkanguy (at) live (dot) com" (spam filter). You can also download this site as a Zip file for USB stick or other offline sharing and browsing by clicking HERE.

~ Photos of MEEE! =D

My bod, & a bod I like ~;-)
I'm Welsh, German, & French.
Would B fun 2 work with sexxxy exxxotic ladies.

~ Good to stay fit for work as a space man ~
Turn Me On Like A Switch!

~ I'm mainly into tall, sweet & beautiful curvy black gals =)

I love their looong thick legs & awesome asses...

Smooth, lush voices & tasty alligator mouths =:-D

So Durable ~ So Exciting!

Click HERE for more!

~ Bask in the blackness ~

I also adore big nazzzty athletic brunettes!

Get off the bottle & get on MEEE! =8^D

!! Sleek !!

Click Or Treat =) ... Choose your doors & explore!

All Around The World!

If Only All Galz Could B So AWESOME! =D

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