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Neptune designs and builds fine entertainment systems - Cool Tools for fun =:-)  Click HERE if you would like to save this web site and page for sharing and future reference.  It all fits on a single floppy disc.  You might say Neptune is very 'high end multimedia'.  Elsewhere on this web site we discuss some facets of our designs individually and compared to other high performance products.  Please visit the links at the upper left as well as our 'Compare Neptune' and 'Video Monitors' pages. 

On this page we discuss how our product line mirrors our logical customer service philosophy.  Basically what we do is combine the best existing technologies in innovative ways to create unique systems that outperform equivalently priced products and compare favorably to more expensive ones.  We also keep open architecture in our line to best accommodate your changing needs and protect your investment.  You can click the pictures for more information about each product.  In addition to the flexible features mentioned, each item is available in a wide range of custom finishes.  The information below is divided into four sections: 1) Speakers, 2) Servers, 3) Remotes, and 4) StaffMore

The Neptune Product Line
1 Entertainment Tool

(3 kinds, all self-amplified)
Key Features

Time Alignment, Damping Factor, Phase, EQ, & Volume
Major Benefits

Wide Variety Of Sounds
Modular Parts

All Drivers, + Tweeter Mounting Assembly

Neptune speakers come in three flavors, like primary colors used to create art: 1) Centers, 2) Satellites, & 3) Subwoofers.  Combining them in a variety of ways creates any type of system.  They are fully evolved designs elegant in their simplicity and impressive in their performance, achieving powerful natural sound combined with the world's truest point source panoramic omnidirectional holographic imaging.  There are three main (though not exclusive) design goals: 1) Include the functionality and sound quality of the best from Wilson Audio, B&W, and Sonus Faber and allow these 'sounds' to be mixed to taste2) Include powerful built-in high speed digital amplification to simplify and enhance operation.  3) Give them sleek and simple  warm aesthetics that look great without grilles for further enhanced sound quality and offer them in a wide variety of custom finishes to suit customer tastes.

The advanced variable in-phase bipolar tweeters and their mounting design in Neptune Centers (pictured below) enhance their imaging abilities much like great top-mount spherical gas plasma tweeter designs but with less hassle, better low frequency extension and greater safety (no heat, UV, or ozone problems).  Their response extends to 22Khz.  They don't go to a zillion Hertz like plasmas and some planar styles but most humans can recognize nothing past 16Khz and most music has nothing relevant past 10Khz.  In other words using a digital 'brick wall' filter most people cannot tell when everything past 10Khz is simply eliminated - no matter what the system.  Because people are a bit like bats and dolphins in our 'echolocation' abilities, mounting the high frequency transducers high on posts achieves a more panoramic sound by reducing the clutter of early reflections, thus enhancing holographic realism.

The treated silk diaphragms of Neptune tweeters also help achieve natural texture with the vast majority of sources without the harshness typically associated with 'hi-fi' such as metal membrane or exotic material 'flavor of the month' designs.  It's much like comparing rocket cars with formula one racers.  Rocket cars are cool and quite fast but mostly a theoretical novelty, whereas formula one have better handling, flexibility, durability, etc.  We auditioned all kinds of technologies before employing our combination of components and learn from the best and choose those that sound the best.  It's not just about numbers :-)  Time alignment, dispersion angles, damping factor relationships, EQ, and levels are independently adjustable for  each driver.  That means in addition to other things you can blend 'up front' and 'relaxed' imaging characteristics depending on how you adjust your Neptune Speakers. 

The treated cellulose bass-mid drivers expand on Dynaudio and Sonus Faber designs & behave as an ideal blend of paribolically loaded dome midrange and 8" bass.  Similar to in some respects to high end 'single driver philosophy' units, these bass-mids incorporate very efficient motor structures with three inch voice coils that combine natural, quick & clear mids with precise rock solid bass.  The sides of Neptune Centers are at 45 degrees to the front face to reduce early sonic reflections from the bass-mid driver as well.  Remember even in this modern age most musical instruments are still made from wood because cellulose sounds fantastic (especially mahogany and alder).  Design and construction techniques are also key, so we pay close attention to any factors that influence performance.  No other brand is as flexible in sound or precise in imaging and we have several patents pending.  Neptune Centers are recommended for applications where low profile is desired and their sound is nearly identical to Neptune Satellites.  For more technical information on our speaker design philosophy, click HERE.

Neptune Satellites (pictured above with the CNC machine used to manufacture all our models) employ nearly identical construction and functionality to Neptune Centers.  Their drivers are actually the same size but look smaller in this picture as it is taken from farther away to fit in the photo.  We produce only these two models for all your 'full range' needs because they are truly ideal designs.  Combined with our flexible feature set, going smaller does not significantly reduce cost and going larger will somewhat reduce imaging performance (though it can increase maximum output level).  The lengthened tweeter post and narrower front profile of the Satellites enable slightly superior imaging qualities to Neptune Centers from further reduced early reflection (going any higher than this does not improve overall results, however, as phase response of room reflections becomes an issue).  In short, Neptune Satellites are the 'ideal', and Neptune Centers are the 'low profile ideal'. 

On the rear of Neptune Centers and Satellites are the powerful 600 watt digital amplifiers and flared ports, and on top (conveniently hidden behind the tweeter posts) are several small rotary controls to vary the sound.  You can alter not only the driver balance but fine tune the 'vibe' as well.  Neptune Centers and Satellites can be used together in a variety of combinations to help fit any system requirement.

Neptune Subwoofers (pictured below) are 'thunder machines' that generate additional depth and power with full range speakers such as Neptune Centers and Satellites.  They conveniently double as stands if desired for use with Neptune or other brands of speakers.  An example is shown n the picture above with Neptune Satellites atop them.  Neptune Subs are felt rather than heard, and employ the world's most powerful subwoofer driver combined with the world's most powerful digital subwoofer amp.  Enclosed within thick internally braced and precision CNC machined cabinets with huge flared porting for no wind noise, the unique shape and combination of parts has been the result of substantial research and has several patents pending.  They deliver great power with clarity and freedom from strain even at high sustained volumes, yet all in a relatively compact size.  Their sound is similar to the Wilson XS.

Because the driver force of Neptune Subwoofers is primarily vertical the cabinet does not rock or vibrate, thus creating a stable platform for speakers of most types or even vases or sculptures :)  The preamp section of the built-in amplifiers for Neptune Subs are mounted on the rear to maintain visual elegance and include variable volume, phase, EQ, crossover frequency and band pass filtering. 

Unlike typical subwoofers, Neptune Subs are much more powerful and emit no midrange at all, thus blending well even when asymmetrically placed within systems.  The output purity of Neptune Subwoofers allows you to place them in a different locations than Satellites for aesthetics if desired because the long wavelengths of deeper sounds helps them distribute evenly.  For example, the wavelength of a pure 20Hz tone is 56 feet, 65Hz = 17 feet, and 100Hz = 11 feet.  We recommend beginning with a frequency corner (low pass) of 65Hz for most applications, which sounds strong and 'full', taking over where most 'full range' products begin rolling off, permitting placement up to 8 1/2 feet off center, and enhancing your balanced extended range holographic sound.  Incorporating software-based high-pass filtering via Neptune Servers and Remotes driving your Neptune Satellites and Centers can further enhance results when combined with Neptune Subwoofers. 

NOTE: Some people feel they 'need' grilles on speakers, so if you are interested to have grilles made we do recommend you see and try your Neptunes first without them because any grille design (on any speaker of any brand) will slightly reduce sound quality.  After hearing how great your Neptunes sound and seeing how sleek they look in person in stock form, throw your desired 'grile cloth' or other substance you are considering using in front of them and observe the changes in sound.  If you enjoy the results we can make some using your desired material.  Because of their great imaging and powerful natural and involving sound you can achieve far more realism with Neptune Satellites and Centers alone in stereo than most competing systems in full surround.  Neptune setups in full surround (Neptunes in all positions) enhance results even further.  Also if you would like your Neptune speakers to receive their sound signal via wireless connection we offer professional grade digital wireless sound modules for $500 per channel.  These modules are used in concerts worldwide. 

2 Entertainment Tool

Neptune Servers

Key Features

Great I/O, 6,000 Gigs +
64 & 32 Bit OS Support

Customization & Flexibility

You Name It !  =:-)

Modular Parts

Everything (literally)

Our combined years of experience in using, selling, and installing advanced entertainment and data processing systems merge to deliver you a product that outperforms the 'rack-based' competition.  It seems a simple idea to market a server as the ultimate entertainment system but why isn't the rest of the industry doing it this way?  The answer is much of the professional side already has, and the advantages are great.  The home electronics market is a bit slower to change as people grow accustomed to new things.  It also takes time to switch the tooling, distribution network & suppliers.  The home market is so vast that much more investment and bureaucracy has been thrown into producing the 'same old stuff'.  It can take a bit of adventurous spirit to try something new :)

The price-to-performance ratio of server-based solutions for high end home entertainment simply cannot be beat, yet the Neptune Server (pictured below) is smaller than the size of a typical microwave oven.  There are three main (though not exclusive) design goals with the Neptune Server: 1) Provide enough storage capacity to contain your entire entertainment library now and in the future.  2)  Pair high performance and user-friendliness by incorporating your requests with streamlined OS and the best, most flexible software organized into small intuitive groups for simplicity. 3) Provide complete forward and backward compatibility through dual (or more if you desire) OS and 64/32 bit CPUs so you can use any software programs you like.  For more details on this concept, click HERE.

"We are Neptune.  All media shall be assimilated >:)"

Being a software-based device it's understandable some people are a bit hesitant.  We understand that new technology can seem a bit scary, but upon closer look you will see it is actually fun and exciting! :-)  People sometimes also worry it may be time consuming to learn, but the key word there is 'learn', because it assumes a learning curve is required but the truth is quite the opposite.  Using a Neptune Entertainment Server is just like using the computer you are browsing this web site with right now, but even easier because we tailor it to your special requests and streamline everything to accommodate your setup.  The powerful technical features are not up on the surface cluttering the user interface and are still there if you look deeper into the system.  It's all set up to work simply & perfectly the moment you start using it.  We test and streamline each function in depth to suit your specs before it reaches your door.  'Factory settings' and OS partitions are also backed up so you can easily undo any changes you may make on your own in the future if desired.

Neptune Entertainment Servers can do things such as de-noise and de-click analog recordings and enhance video performance for movies and gaming.  You can play damaged recordings into them and employ special software to make the old sound new again and professional post production houses use machines such as this one to do exactly that.  All this, plus you can use it to browse the internet and construct web sites like this one (we did) :)

NOTE: With a volume of 1.5 cubic feet, each Neptune Server comes stock with speedy dual DVDR/W & CDR/W drives, RAID capability + 6TB (6 thousand gigs) of non-volatile storage via 15 hard drives (13 drive internal array + 2 via modular pullout sleds) & is expandable via infinite sled-mounted/removable drives. With current (2004) technology Neptune Entertainment Servers serve up more gigs per cubic foot than any competing industrial solution. About 25 years ago a gig cost about $100K in today's money so 6TB would run half a billion dollars (literally). For example, with compression that's enough space for over a million songs (6+ years of music nonstop 24/7), or 7,200 movies (1.2 years 24/7) - plenty of room for all 88 groovy Farscape shows plus nearly 6TB of other stuff. You get lots of room even without using compressed formats such as AVI, MP3, etc. With Neptune you're all set! :) ...

"May The Gigs be with you."

AMD Opteron CPUs employed in Neptune Servers are combined with a gig (8+ max) of Samsung ECC DDR RAM, stable Asus SK8N motherboard, & allow simultaneous 64 & 32 bit OS & software operation including Windows XP/2000/NT (NT kernel), Windows 2003 (64-bit NT kernel), Windows ME/98SE/98/95/3.1/DOS (DOS kernel), Red Hat/United Linux/Free BSD (Unix kernel), SuSE & more!  Special effects houses such as Pixar (Finding Nemo/Toy Story), and ILM (Star Wars/George Lucas) & others use mostly Linux OS combined with specialized graphics software & machines like this one.  Neptune Servers can be used wireless with other Neptune products as well as your existing equipment if you desire in both consumer and industrial applications. 

3 Entertainment Tool

Neptune Remotes
(Enhanced Sony Z1)

Key Features

Great I/O + 300 gigs & Wireless Connectivity

Customization & Flexibility

I/O & Communication Options

Modular Parts

I/O, Software, Drives & Peripherals

One of the logical things we do at Neptune is take advantage of economy of scale. In other words it is generally more efficient to get high performance results by determining what products offer the highest levels of performance, though perhaps marketed for slightly different applications, then modifying them and interfacing them in unique ways to suit your system design goals.  An example of this approach is seen in our use of enhanced Sony Z1 Laptops as Remotes.  For more details on this concept, click HERE.  We also offer 'Tablet PC' models and can add touch screen capability to the Z1s if desired.  Tell us the form factor you prefer and we will locate the appropriate device and customize it to suit your needs.  We highly recommend the Sony Z1 because they have the best all-around performance of anything we've tried and they look and handle very nice as well :) 

You deserve flexibility.  Once you own a Neptune System you will no longer feel a need to periodically trade in equipment.  The Neptune System is flexible and Neptune Remotes (pictured below) give you centralized control over all your media.   Come and join in our innovative approach.  The impressive performance is worth it.

Neptune Remotes are the 'face' of Neptune Servers - reaching out to say,,, "Hello, what would you like me to do next?  Play a movie?  Play some music?  Play a game?" etc.  In fact if you are really into something different we can configure them to speak with you via interactive speech and speech recognition software - even route the computer's speech through your Neptune Speakers.  Pretty unique for a remote control to say the least.  Maybe even in a few years as software gets better they can think like people in some ways as well.  In our experience the only thing holding A.I. back is the available software as the level of computational speed in these machines is certainly much faster than in the 'mind'.  You might say what the world has now is a problem with 'bloatware'.  By contrast, we at Neptune are into streamlining software and configurations to enhance performance and speed - and it really works!  For example this entire web site fits on a floppy disc (including the music!).  Another nifty feature of Neptune Remotes is you already know how to use them.  You simply browse media files and functions much the same way that you are browsing this web site right now :-)

These things may sound rather Sci-Fi but keep in mind much of Sci-Fi past is the Science Fact of today: cell phones, airplanes and other flying machines, innovations like centralized AC power we can thank Nicola Tesla for and the economy of scale and speed generated from popularization of the PC via Bill Gates' ideas.  Join the world of the future today with Neptune! :)

NOTE: Neptune Remotes are enhanced Sony Z1 laptop computers with wireless connectivity, better sound quality and media performance available with your purchase of a Neptune Server &/or Neptune Speakers.  They can also perform tasks common to business.  Check out the computer generated feature film called 'Final Fantasy' to see an amazing example of what Sony can do with their computers.

4 Entertainment 'Tool'

The Neptune Staff
Key Features

Customization & Personal Attention
Major Benefits

Optimization For Your Applications
Modular 'Parts'

Various Production & Design Approaches

We enjoy producing very forward-looking and flexible solutions to meet customer needs & enjoy high-tech "think outside the mainstream" approaches to inspire unique designs. The reason we launched Neptune was to provide a unique blend of performance features that help attain maximum usability and realism from entertainment experiences and help people achieve new levels of involvement in the arts they have not previously experienced.  At Neptune it's not about the gear, but the performance of the gear and it's ability to simplify your life while suiting your changing needs.

Great entertainment systems are really much more than 'appliances'. A customized high performance system is more like a great car - a way to take instant 'mini-vacations' and throw great parties without a lot of fuss, effort, or stress.  Neptune systems will greatly enrich your life by enhancing your mood and  help 'transport' you much like a cool car does with style and excitement.  In the often so gimmicky marketing exercise of consumer merchandise we at Neptune hope to be the antidote to all that noise and are genuinely inspired by the unique challenges of our customers.  Now if only we were as cool and brutal as our products... =:-)

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