Terabyte: As you might have guessed, this is a unit of measurement for data. We at Neptune love creating data management and entertainment solutions.  A terabyte is 1,024 gigabytes of data. Since a gigabyte is 1,024 megabytes, and a megabyte is 1,024 bytes, a terabyte is a little more than one trillion bytes. If you want to be exact, a terabyte is 2^40, or 1,099,511,627,776 bytes. Either way, that's a lot of space. For an idea of what 6TB stores let's use music and movies as an example. Given that the average song requires about 3.4 megabytes, and the average movie 720, 6TB equates to approximately 8,533 movies, or 1,807,058 songs (+/-180,705 CDs).  Imagine being able to demo and sell such a wide variety of music digitally to your retail customers and other clientele - plus it eliminates a lot of physical inventory management and storage costs.  This means greater profitability for your business.

Applications: Did you know places like Netflix and Blockbuster can fit all 25,000 DVD titles across just three of these units? Well it's true! Modern codec technology makes it possible. Put them in your airliners and tour busses for gaming and entertainment. Run them in your graphics businesses for high-end rendering and storage. Use them in your equipment rooms or on the road for archiving or serving tasks - be creative! We have a dedicated server applications site coming soon with more tips. Meanwhile, feel free to browse our entertainment applications site by clicking the picture above, and CONTACT us for details about this or any other application where you require great amounts of space at our very reasonable $10,000 per server with 3-month custom order fulfillment.

Details: The Neptune Holographics Servers can be employed desktop (horizontally), vertically (pictured above), or rack mounted.  All sides follow sleek steely aesthetics and custom anodized colors are available as well as custom cladding in wood or other materials or finishes at your request.  Dimensions are 5.25"H X 18"W X 20"D (1,890 cubic inches volume). WoW! 6TB in just 1.09 cubic feet!  Cool and open aluminum construction throughout enables low weight, and one HUGE and quiet 8" motorized impeller (centrifugal fan) is mounted horizontally at the rear of the unit over the CPU area, cooling ALL components via our patent-pending 'single air path' system, drawing air from the rear and expelling it at the front of the case.  Neptune Holographics Servers are maintenance-free systems and require no drive sleds because our innovative design keeps things so cool they don't fail in the first place.  The use of a single huge impeller instead of an array of various axial fans (as in competing systems) also gives Neptune the lowest noise in its storage class.  Sleek rack-mounting wings are included as are the pre-configured fully functional motherboard, high-end multimedia-class CPU, RAM, sound, graphics, etc. with custom configurations at your request.


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