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    Hi! =D My name is Pilar & I am a student in Cordoba, Argentina. I like only handsome and smart $ucce$$ful men. I also love children and would rather have my time raising mine than spending so much to do business or having to be with just one man. I like change sometimes and can have trouble in love because anxiety about marriage and fathers as mine was abusive to his children, or with me he did not abuse me but abused me if you know what I mean. I try to understand but really I think it is stupid waste of time and I do not want a mistake. Some may confuse to think I am greedy but I give much in return to share and for the wealthy man cost to care for us is very low. I am not bothered if you do this also with other ladies. Some grat men of history make harems, and this can be similar and different too. What is better to spend on more cars and toys or to build your future together?

    I do not want to marry but for a smart and generous man I would like children and he will provide for us a house and money to live. I do not want him to visit our lives because of my worries and freedom and like to have man of my choice when I am attracted. I am happy to share photos and videos of our children with time. I maybe can offer more relation in future but I must have the choice. I can be good for you to save in time raising them myself and you can see them grow and live and how they carry you to the future to help build a more beautiful world. =)

    If you dream to make handsome children with beautiful smart woman and are not jealous for this I require a good house of value free and clear $500,000 or more USD and $20,000 per year for expense for each child for 18 years. 2 children then is $720,000 for expense and add house total is $1,220,000. Children expense is held in trust and given to me monthly and DNA test I will have in births of course to prove they are of you. I think I would like to have about 4 children. This would cost $1,940,000, but I am not sure and will have to try first how much I do with time, so only men who can afford at least $1,940,000 or more intrest for me as I wish to be free to choose how many and want to make children from the one man so there is blood relation. Contact me by E-Mailing to "zhotness (at) hotmail (dot) com" (spam filter =) and include 'Pilar in Cordoba' in the subject line for me.

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