$ystem$ Of Romance ~;o)

    If you prefer a short 'bullet points texty slang' type version of this philosophizing, click HERE. I'm a very creative, extremely intelligent and passionate person. I like to learn new things and stay fit =) If you think I am handsome and my looks excite you then send me a message. I love women who are tall, slek looking, fit and durable and super passionate. Smaller gals tend to find my size annoying but it depends on what you are into. I like a woman who is athletic and pretty with long strong legs and a tiny waist with friendly, logical and consistent attitude who likes to be sexxxy and wear heels and little skirts and other cute outfits to share her beauty with the world =B^) Age to me is about the condition of the person. Some people age slower than others.

    For me an admirable woman of great dedication and achievement is one who hits the gym a lot to build an even prettier ass, etc. You might say my preference is a dark or 'Mediterranean' sort of look but there is more than that. See photo examples of what I like by clicking HERE and HERE. Many assume since I like black girls I must be a socialist or whatever. That is certainly not the case, & not all of them are either LOL BTW: I am not into silly games so not into 'dramatic' or 'bi-polar' types who for example will cry on the phone like they are falling in love with me when I know they are doing XYZ behind my back LOL =)) For a lot of women the word 'love' is just a term for 'control', like to 'make love' = 'build control'. & of course when guys say 'love' they mean 'sex' usually ~;^D AWESOME! To translate a Beatles song is a funny way to explain it: ''Love love me do. You know I love you ~ So please love me do. '' = ''Do me please. You know you run me ~ So DO ME NOW!'' =D

    In some places & especially Eastern Europe women seem to drive men to kill themselves slowly with alcohol and such I guess because so many of them hate men and merely 'endure' them, out to rob them, like 'professional daters' fishing for favors ~ saying very odd things like referring to 'pleasure, fun, leisure, playing' as bad things, and using words like 'serious' or 'responsible' as code words for: ''GIVE ME YOUR MONEY! '' =)) There are always exceptions of course, so let me save everybody time and filter those particular women out by letting everybody know I am not into spending money on women nor do I ever ever give or send them money and I am not materialistic or into fancy objects really. I can certainly see how many guys would feel a lack of purpose if they are never fortunate enough to meet real women who truly love men.

    I am loyal, caring, and fun (oh the horror LOL) What I do love to give gals is extreme pleasure, morning, night, and then some! =8^D This tends 2 wear most women out. =P I never cheat on gals and I do like kids and all that but it has nothing to do with marriage and I certainly will never get married. It does not keep women from cheating and it is (in 'Western' countries at least) just an excuse most use to get out of shape physically, then take men's homes, children, and extort money from them forever through various 'support' payments. I am a romantic and simply understand that busine$$ and love are two different things! =D As a man the thought of judging a woman by her income is totally absurd. My favorite gal was a black 6'1" real estate lawyer in Lost Angeles ~ hot & sweet & really appreciated me & never after a penny! She was a freak machine. I've never come so much =) Maybe I should have married her? Actually that was long ago & she's chunky & haggard looking now (I'm older than I look. ~;)

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~ Trinity Of Perfection ~

Love is beautiful on the inside.

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